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"I help you grow your leadership skills, build trust, and collaborate successfully with your teams."

"Ivona is an expert at leadership development and helping others make positive changes in their teams."​

Marketa Valentova,

Senior project manager

Author of articles with monthly
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Problems with communication? Does no one listen to you?

Find your confidence and voice with:

  • Successful communication at work

  • How to milk organizational communication for your team

  • Basic negotiation skills

  • How to drive trust

  • Improve your listening skills

  • Talk about unpleasant topics

  • Learn assertiveness

  • Use questions efficiently

  • Build respect with inclusive language

Leadership development

Do you want to become a successful leader? 

These help you to be the best:

  • Essential management skills

  • Leadership practice for first-time managers 

  • How to build trust and psychological safety

  • Coaching for managers

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Build self-awareness and learn to self-manage yourself

  • Empower and delegate

  • Train social awareness

  • Relationships management

  • Development for bored managers


Do you struggle with direction? You can't agree on strategy with your teams?

Time for strategy training:

  • Introduction to strategic thinking

  • How to prepare and plan strategy

  • The role of leaders in strategy execution

  • How to deal with organizational crisis

  • Decide about priorities

  • Set a vision and goals

  • Strategy workshop


I care about people. I believe that everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy the work.

I successfully climbed a corporate ladder to the point I became a team manager. Without any support and training, getting settled in the role was challenging. I had the great motivation and a background in organizational development. I dived.


I made many mistakes, but also discoveries. It led to a vision of creating a supportive culture and thoughtful people management.

Thanks to the promotion, I got into a position I could directly influence training, engagement, and people processes. I led satisfaction workshops, management training, and transformation of learning and talent development.

My mission continues as I help leaders from diverse fields transform the way they manage their teams. I believe everyone can feel safe and happy at work.


My key values are transparent communication, flexibility, and care about others.



"Recently our women@eBay team had the pleasure to join a training prepared by Ivona on Communication with respect. What I liked already during the first interaction with Ivona was that she wanted to know how our team is structured, what the problems we face are, and what we expect from the training. She then took all these inputs and provided tailor-made training for our team. We got very positive feedback from our team members and as a result, I am sure we will find opportunities to meet Ivona again for another training in the future. Thank you for the very professional delivery of the training, Ivona!"

- Ana Kortis, Product Marketing Manager, Global Growth at eBay

"I attended more than one of Ivona's training sessions.

They were on different topics, and I can say that they were all insightful, extremely clear, fun, and to the point! And that is saying something! I honestly recommend her as a trainer, she knows her stuff!"

- Silvia Dal Borgo, Founder, The Time for Wine

“The communication training was great. Ivona is very professional and prepared an interesting workshop on feedback. I enjoyed the exercises about giving and receiving feedback.”

- Lenka Fikejzlova, Deputy Director ZZ Prague 4

“Ivona's leadership training was a good experience. She helped me to understand the role and the impact of leadership in the organization. ”

- Sara Odorosio, Customer Service Specialist, Hodos Training


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  • It´s free and non-binding

  • Explore learning opportunities


  • Online sessions start at 499 EUR/half-day

  • Onsite training starts at 1250 EUR/half-day

  • Individual coaching starts at 120 EUR/hour

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Switzerland: +41 (0) 78 206 20 88

Czech Republic: +420 728 251 406

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